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Cleaning Support
Professional, independent advice and support for all your cleaning needs.
From September 2016 onwards, this service will focus on support to your cleaning needs only, with caretaker support being covered under Buildings Maintenance.

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Universal LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training for School Professionals 13th December 2019
21 Nov
Universal LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training for School Professionals 13/12/2019 09:30 - 13:30 Venue: Civic Offices (EYV2 / Conference Room A), Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2EA We will investigate what universal understanding of LGBTQ+ looks like for schools and colleges, encouraging education professionals to reflect and implement appropriate levels of LGBTQ+ inclusion. This will include how to interact with LGBTQ+ young people, using up-to-date terminologies, references to current legislation and using some practitioners tools to start developing professional confidence. To book, click here
Early Years Workforce Conference - 28 March 2020
08 Nov
Our annual event will be here sooner than we think! This year the Early Years Workforce Conference is on March 28. With research telling us that children with vocabulary difficulties at age 5 are 3 times more likely to have mental health problems when they becomes adults and 2 times as likely to be unemployed as adults, the need to take action to address the communication and language gap is vital. And the actions we need to take are everybody's responsibility! The 2020 EY Workforce Conference seizes the opportunity for a range of professionals to work together to develop a shared knowledge and understanding and to build language and literacy in the city for all of our children in the EYFS. We warmly welcome Tamsin Grimmer, our keynote and workshop presenter from Early Education Associates to Portsmouth. Tamsin will delight and inspire us with her expertise and set the context for developing a consistent team approach to support young children's communication and language skills. Delegates will be able to select two workshops to attend during the day, with a range of themes focussed on communication and language. The workshops confirmed so far are: The Home Learning Environment (HLE) and engaging parents Evidence shows that the quality of the Home Learning Environment is a key predictor of a child’s future success and studies show that every day conversations, make-believe play and reading activities are particularly influential features of the home learning environment. So how do we support parents to create that nurturing, language rich and stimulating home LEARNING environment? In this workshop we will explore ways to engage different groups of parents, reflect on key early language and communication messages to share with parents and understand how we can positively influence the home learning environment. You will come away with practical ideas to support all of the parents you work with and know how best we can use our city as a tool to promote learning happening everywhere! Ready for Reading - the links between language and literacy "Reading and writing float on a sea of talk" - James Britton, Educationalist. Who doesn't agree with this statement? But how do we retain that crucial focus on developing language and communication skills whilst delivering the broader EYFS curriculum? In this workshop we will explore how language affects reading development and how to effectively develop early reading skills either in your setting, classroom or in the home learning environment. Targeting Speech, Language and Communication Needs For children to flourish in our ever changing world they need to be understood and to understand. Communication is the key to making friends and building relationships, and underpins play and learning. We know that a growing number of young children are experiencing a delay in developing their language skills which can cause frustration and negatively impact on all areas of learning. Children need to be able to interact and exchange information with others in a meaningful way. Studies show that early intervention has a positive impact on outcomes for children with language difficulties, we know that children whose language difficulties are resolved by the end of the EYFS are more likely to go on to do well in school. In this workshop we explore how to identify those children at risk of early language delay and what we can do to support them. Once Upon A Time... Stories and rhymes are so important and have inspired generation upon generation and aided the survival of our species, from camp-fire tales to modern day gossip blogs and e-readers. This workshop considers how young children develop communication and language skills and explores the role of stories and rhymes in this process. We will share some new and interesting ideas for using stories and rhymes and review our current practice.
Early Years Bulletin 14.10.2019
14 Oct
Early Years Bulletin 14.10.19 Free LADO workshop The First 1001 Days Summit Small Steps to Learning for Children with SEND Domestic Abuse Training Top Tips for Talking - October